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Where Will I Ever Use Algebra? What is The Value of Algebra?

Sound familiar? In an arithmetic class, you can point out many applications like retail markup, gas mileage, medical doses, etc. but what about algebra? For example, where will the average person make use of methods used to solve algebraic equations? Why would the average person need to know how to find the inverse of a function?

Hopefully, after viewing the examples on this site, your students will clearly see that the process of learning higher mathematics provides valuable skills in deductive reasoning and symbolic reasoning in addition to math skills used directly in science and engineering applications.

Lessons, Videos, & Lecture Notes
There are lessons posted on this site incorporate real-world applications of math and real-world experiments on video with exercises, deductive reasoning, use of technology, and collaborative group activities, while adhering to a traditional sequence of topics. The lessons will work with most standard pre-calculus text books so there is no need to switch from your current text.  Download and/or modify these lessons, videos, and worksheets for use in your own class. There are college algebra videos and lecture notes that you may download. The videos are in quicktime or flash form and the notes are in pdf form and also in an editable MS Word form.

All materials on this site are free for personal or educational non-profit use!


The Test Results Below Suggest That Algebra Helps Develop Logic and Symbolic Reasoning Skills

To find out what the bar graph above represents, check out the Logic and Symbolic Reasoning Test Results page.

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