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Math and Deductive Reasoning

Why Difficult Algebra Story Problems Are Good For You - See why doing difficult mixture problems will help you later in life. Includes an actual mixture problem.

Visit a Demo Ecommerce Site and Explore The Mathematical Logic Used - Visit this working demo-model of an ecommerce site to see the use and importance of mathematical logic.

Is There Really Such a Thing as a Free Laptop? - See how marketing firms can afford to give away laptop computers by using some mathematical logic.

Applying Game Theory To The Cuban Missile Crisis - See how the Cuban Missile Crisis can be modeled with the branch of mathematics known as "Game Theory".

Mathematics - a Tool For Philosophical Thought - Why Mathematics was probably a prerequisite for such  great philosophers as Plato.

Mathematics: Valuable For Developing a Sharp Logical Mind - Mathematics helps to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

How Deductive Proof Prepared Albert Einstein For Calculus and Physics - Read how the Geometry proofs Albert Einstein tackled at age 10 prepared him for Calculus and Physics.

The Mathematical Logic Used To Interpret an Automotive Lemon Law - The Minnesota Lemon Law for used cars is written as a mathematical logic statement.

How Advertisers use Logic To Write Ads - Read how advertisers will add conditions to the premise so as to make their guarantee virtually worthless without the average person realizing.

Using the Deductive Reasoning, Wiggle Words, and Logic in Politics - Politicians count on the fact that many people do not pay careful attention to every word they speak.

Use of Guilt and Giving in Fundraising - Charities get you to incorrectly assume that the opposite (inverse) of an assumed statement is true and thus "guilt" you into giving.

Using Logic To Explain How a 3-way Switch Works - Knowing mathematical logic makes knowing how to wire the 3-way switch fairly simple.

Cybersquatting and Logic as a 2-column Proof - How a court of law used logic to rule on this cybersquatting case. See the similarity to a common 2-column geometry proof.

Using Logic to Expose a Forgery - How mathematical logic is used to expose a forgery of a George Washington portrait.

The If-Then Statement and Global Warming - How to prove or disprove the current global warming theory by using mathematical logic.

Weight Loss If-Then Statements and The FTC - "With Enforma, you can eat what you want and never, ever, ever have to diet again."

Law School Requirements For Mathematics - Read about the mathematics requirements for those going to law school.



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