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Here is a small sample of colleges recommending math and in some cases Calculus in order to prepare for law school.

  • University of Dayton - Calculus is recommended, Logic is highly recommended
  • At Westfield State College they state:" Since Calculus I is either a required or recommended course for many pre-law, pre-med and other graduate programs in the sciences, it is strongly recommended that students who may be planning on pursuing professional or graduate degrees should take Math 105 their first year."
  • Eckerd University Pre-law students often take courses in the natural sciences and mathematics to strengthen their analytical reasoning.
  • South Dakota State  - Math and Physics courses along with Introduction to Logic are recommended to develop critical thinking and analytical reasoning.

Here is what the American Bar Association States:

Analytic / Problem Solving Skills
You should seek courses and other experiences that will engage you in critical thinking about important issues, challenge your beliefs and improve your tolerance for uncertainty. Your legal education will demand that you structure and evaluate arguments for and against propositions that are susceptible to reasoned debate. Good legal education will teach you to "think like a lawyer", but the analytic and problem solving skills required of lawyers are not fundamentally different from those employed by other professionals. Your law school experience will develop and refine those crucial skills, but you must enter law school with a reasonably well developed set of analytic and problem solving abilities.








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