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Exponential & Log Applications - Exercise 3 - Acid Rain

According to the EPA , typical rain has a pH of about 5.6 where as the most acidic rain falling the U.S. has a pH of about 4.3 . The quantity pH is defined as pH = -LOG10[H+], where [H+] is the hydronium ion concentration and is a measure of acidity.

Compute the values [H+] for both ph = 4.3 and pH = 5.6 . How many more times acidic is the rain at pH = 4.3 as compared to the rain with normal pH of 5.6?  Justification has been given. No further justification is needed - just find the two [H+] values and divide the higher by the lower. Hint: First move negative sign to other side, then rewrite as equivalent exponential statement.

pH of acidic rain = 4.3
pH of normal rain = 5.6
pH = -LOG10[H+]





Multiply both sides by -1 using Multiplication Property of Equality. Then write in Equivalent Exponential Form.













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