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How Math Helped Me . . .

Dr. Jeff DeSimone, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of South Florida
"It sure made that first year of the economics Ph.D. program a lot easier!"

Richard Tapia, Math Professor at Rice University, and Drag Racing Enthusiast
"Cars helped me with math and math helped me with cars."

Josh, an Apprentice Iron Worker
"Doing well in math helped me read drawings and understand angles. I think trig helps too."

Emil Sit, Graduate Student in the Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems
". . . my ability to abstract and think clearly from math helped develop ability to program and debug."

Nira Chamberlain, Mathematical Modeling Consultant
"The mathematical skills required to build a good model are far more crucial than knowledge of the processes themselves - this technical knowledge is something you can pick up on the job."

Claudia Centazzo, Business Development Manager
". . . there is a huge range of applications of mathematics that can make a real difference in business success and lead to innovation."

Kayla Schwickerath, Executive, Target Corporation
I created variables and functions in order to analyze data that I had gathered to determine the most efficient layout of that particular area of the warehouse.

Kathie Flood, Program Manager, Microsoft Games Studios
I have a strong understanding of the higher-level mathematics required to provide realistic physics and next-generation 3-D graphics in today’s games.

Niko Henderson, an engineer for Easton Sports.
Mathematics and algebra are integral to testing and designing competitive bike frames. Watch the movie!

Designers of Roller Coasters
Mathematics and physics are integral to the design of safe roller coasters. Watch the movie!

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