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Math and Money

Mathematics, Ecommerce, and Making a Lot of Money - Read how website programmers earn a lot of  money. Also see the way algebra is similar to coding language.

Statistics From The U.S. Department of Labor Show That Math Majors Make Significantly More Money - See how those with degrees in mathematics stack up against the general public.

4-yr Degree Holders Taking More Math Earn a Million Dollars More In Lifetime Earnings - Read how these 4-yr degree holders took more math classes.

Bill Gates Values Mathematics and Math Education - Statements by Bill Gates concerning Science and Math Education.

Pyramid Schemes and Mathematics - Mathematics are used to explain how pyramid schemes scam most of the people involved

Linear Equations and Pay-Per-Click Internet Advertising - How a linear equation is used to determine the maximum pay-per-click bid in Internet Advertising.

Economist: Want a job tomorrow? Learn math

Using Some Algebra to Derive The Rule of 70 - How we use the inverse function to derive this formula.

Is The US Debt Growing Exponentially? - Use mathematics to find out the answer.


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