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Mathematics, Ecommerce, and Making a Lot of Money

Web developers earn more, do more, and have a depth of technical training. Developers write the technical code that operates messaging and business transactions for an ecommerce site. Median entry-level wages (per Salary.com) are $69,600 but may go as high as $145,900. From Yahoo Education

Shown below are hourly rates for web-related jobs.  The programming jobs are near the top of the pay scales.  Learning mathematical logic will help you learn the programming logic!

Pricing Data, Fall 2002

Skill Set
Average Hourly Rate
ASP Programming
Cold Fusion Programming
Strategic Planning
Database Admin
Desktop Publishing
HTML Authoring
Web Site Design
Web Copy Editing
Project Management
Flash Programming

From http://www.geekmanuals.com/salaries.htm  

PHP programming is often used to set up ecommerce sites. Product information, prices, and links will be called up from a database. An update of the single database file results in an update of every product page on the ecommerce site.  Here is a comparison of PHP programming to Algebra.

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