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How Science Relates to Math and Scientific Applications of Mathematics

So You Want To Design Video Games? - Learn about the mathematics required and the math used by game designers.

Calculating Weightlessness - Use math to calculate weightlessness. Also try the weightlessness calculator!

Mathematics and Weather - Learn about the mathematics behind weather forecasting computer models.

Using Mathematics In An Accident Investigation - We experimentally verify that skid mark length varies directly as the square of the speed. (Watch The Video!)

Using Algebra To Predict Your Car's Future Value - See how a mathematical model predicts the value of a 10 year old car to within 5% of the actual value.

Complex Numbers Applied To a 1986 Toyota - See how we need "i" in order to derive the equation describing suspension system and vertical motion of the vehicle with respect to time.

Albert Einstein's Statement Concerning Math and Nature - Read how Albert Einstein used mathematics to explain the nature of our universe.

The Mathematical Derivation of the Freefall Equation - See how this physics formula common to nearly every college algebra book is really mathematics applied to the acceleration of gravity.

Quadratic Equations - Building a Greenhouse - Here is a simple quadratic equation that nearly every builder deals with at some point.

How Taylor Polynomials Power Our World - Without these polynomials, we would have no scientific functions on our calculators!

Calculating The Depth of a Lake Using Mathematics - Is this lake deep enough to have fish as big as cars in it, as legend goes?

Heat Transfer and Mathematics - See why heat transfer is important to our daily lives and how mathematics is required to understand it.

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