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Lesson 7 - Create Your Own Secret Code!

To understand what is going on here, it is recommended that you visit Lessons 1-6 of the following:

Note: To use the Javascript programs in these lessons, you will need to use a FireFox browser or other non-Internet Explorer browser due to the "feature" in the IE browser disallowing Javascript prompts.

Here's What You Need To Do

  1. Go to this page containing a sample encoding formula. You be prompted to input 8 characters - do this.  Select View, Page Source if using a  FireFox browser or the equivalent in a different non-IE browser. Select and copy all the contents of the source code shown. Open a blank file in a text editor such as WordPad or NotePad. Paste the contents of the source codes into the text file.
  2. Edit the file as follows:  Scroll down to about the middle of the file until you see the formula codes as shown below:

    Modify each of the 8 formulas any way you want.  For example, you could replace (27-letter1a+2)%26 with (27-letter1a+9)%26.

    Note that the %26 part of the formula indicates that you are performing the modulus 26 operations. See Lessons 3, 4, 5, and 6 for more information why this modulus 26 operation is required.
  3. After you modify your code, save your new file with an html extension.  For example, if your file is named CodeLeah, you would name it CodeLeah.html . You can save this file to a disk, the computer desktop, or a file folder.
  4. Open your internet browser.  Again, you need to use Firefox or any other non-Internet Explorer browser.   Then use the File and  Open commands to find and open the file you saved.  Upon opening, the file should automatically prompt you to enter letters. Remember to enter the 8 letters one at a time, hitting "Enter" or clicking on OK after each letter. If your word is less than 8 letters long, simply hit "Enter" for the missing letters.








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