Logic and Symbolic Reasoning Skills Test

QUESTION 1 - You are Given the following definitions:

  • P @ Q represents  P and Q
  • P Q represents P or Q
  • P # Q represents If P, Then Q

What statement below represents  If (P and Q) , then (P or Q) ?

A)   (P Q) # (P @ Q)
B)   (P Q) # (P Q)
C)   (P @ Q) # (P Q)
D)   (P # Q) @ (P Q)
E)   (P @ Q) (P Q)
F)   None of the above

QUESTION 2 -  You are creating an online toy car store and you need to create a page displaying product information only for toy cars that are made of plastic or made of metal, and also costing under $20.

M = "The toy car is made of metal"
P = "The toy car is made of plastic"
C = "The toy car costs under $20
D = "Display the toy car product"

Which statement illustrates the logic used?

A)   If (M or P) or C, then D
B)   If (M or P) and C, then D
C)   If  M and P and C, then D
D)   If (M and P) or C, then D
E)   If (M or P) and D, then C
F)   None of the above

QUESTION 3 - Using a Poll Data Formula

If you poll n people, and r of those polled will vote for candidate A, the proportion of those voting for Candidate A is given by p where p = r / n. Also, the confidence interval of the proportion p is given by

where zc is the z-value at a given confidence level.

If  n = 800, r = 400, and zc is 0.842, what statement below represents the confidence interval?

    F)   None of the above

QUESTION #4 - Have you taken a computer programming or logic course that specifically teaches use of if-then statements with operators like and & or?  Circle YES or NO.