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Free Math Videos and Math Movies For Educational Use - Real World Math Applications

You may use the math videos below in your classroom either online or you may download them and use offline.  All use in private, public, or home school math education is acceptable except for republishing the video for profit.

College Algebra Videos - Click Here!

Math Videos Featuring Experiments & Applications Math With Exercises At End of Video

These videos are featured on Teacher Tube and may be embedded on your website!
Quadratic Equations Video - Dimensions of a Box
Other Types of Equations - Calculating Maximum Height of Built in Bookshelf
Variation - Stream Current Experiment Relating Stream Size To Current Speed
Quadratic Functions -  Experimentally Determining Archery Trajectories
Other Types of Equations - Using An Actual Fish Catch & Release Formula
Inverse Functions - Fixing an Egg Beater Using Inverse Operations
Rational Functions - Ohm's Law Experiment Utilizing Rational Functions
Exponential Functions - Penny Doubling Results in Billions of Dollars
Exponential Functions - Find an Exponential Model For National Debt

Math Videos Consisting of Short Answer Game Format Questions

UPDATE: I have created two alternative sets of the movies shown below that are saved in a different location so students can not obtain answers in advance.  If you are an instructor and would like access to these alternate problems, email me at m.sakowski@lsc.edu and I will send you a page with links to the alternates.

Linear Equations - Rate Equation Taken To The Highway
Absolute Value Equations - What is WRONG With This Solution?
Complex Numbers - What Are Complex Numbers NOT Good For?
Quadratic Equations - Find The Incorrect Step In This Solution
Other Types of Equations - Use The FISH Formula
Inequalities - What is WRONG With This Solution?
Variation - Find The Missing Step In This Variation Problem
Definition of Functions - Guess The Rule Used To Obtain This Data
Linear Functions - Identify The Non-Linear Data
Graphs of Functions - Identify The Equation Corresponding To This Graph
Graphs of Quadratic Functions - Projectile Motion Quiz
Algebra of Functions - Find The Missing Function In This Composition
Inverse Functions - Which Does Not Represent a Pair of Inverse Functions?
Polynomial Division and Factorization - What is NOT True About a Zero?
Polynomial Graphs - Identify The Equation Matching The Given Graph
Rational Functions - Find The Best Equation Matching a Given Graph
Exponential Functions - Identify The Equation of a Shifted Graph
Logarithmic Functions - Match a Log Statement With Its Equivalent Exponential Form
Exponential & Log Equations - Identify a False Step In an Exponential Equation Solution
Exponential & Log Applications - What Are Exponential and Log Functions NOT Good For?

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